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Marc provides business consultancy and coaching to help your organization improve performance and efficiency.


Be ambitious, be different but be authentic.

Invest in people around you who are more talented than yourself and give them the tools to encounter the so called "wall" over which they have the impression they cannot pass.

Give them that push to empower them to reach their full potential. There they will reach the SOIL experience… they will grow and they will make a difference!

Talent Management

Leadership means taking the lead in innovation and creativity in your organization's professional field.

Show your (professional) colleagues a glimpse of a landscape they do not yet see (=SOIL), take corporate social responsibility and invest in those products and tools that others do not use.

Make the difference.


Be ambitious and become the highest benchmark in your field. Some might think this is a too high goal, but it’s a challenge for the new people you want to attract, and also for those already on board.

Be a role model and don't let internal and external critics take you down. "Investing, empowering and trusting in people" must be the vision.

Along with them take the challenge and make them co-owner of what is to be "our" organization, not "your" organization.