After several years in the private commercial sector, I made a conscious decision to join the public sector in 1980. From the start, it was my goal to encourage innovation and efficiency in government at the service of its citizens.

From 1980 to 1983, I worked actively in the development and expansion of the first Flemish administration. Organization design ‘avant la lettre’ and selection and recruitment of suitable new staff were my first achievements. The guidance of staff transferred from an outdated federal government to higher standards, was part of this work.

From 1984 till 1993, I started a diversified journey involving many aspects of cultural policy, including international promotion.

A stop-over at the Flemish science policy and welfare policy brought me to the HR field in 1998. I helped redesign the recruitment processes and introduced private sector skills and ideas. All of these are now considered essential aspects of the Flemish government.

In 1999, I joined the Cabinet of Minister Luc Van den Bossche and I became Chief of Staff in 2000. Together we conceptualized and rolled out the Copernicus reform. The creation of Selor was one of the new instruments of this reform.

In 2002, I became Managing Director of Selor, after having completed the external selection successfully. In 10 years, Selor became a modern, highly regarded HR office with an expanded customer and product portfolio instead of the earlier procedural oriented administration. Innovation and co-creation are the efforts of my management.

In 2016, I started my own coaching and consultancy organization, Marc.